Wolt couriers website


Redesign Wolt Israel couriers website. Wolt Israel couriers website contains various information relevant for the couriers work that provides reliable support when needed.  I redesigned the site to be more convenient, accessible and reliable for the users . The work contained the following steps:

I researched the existing website and analyzed it and its current problems.

The main problems in my opinion were:

  • There was no hierarchy, which makes the navigation on the site very difficult.

  • The UI didn’t match the company’s brand, and wasn't in the same design line as in Wolt's guideline.

The main challenge was to find the balance between Wolt's requirements and needs (including the different interests of the various divisions in the company that were involved) and my desire to build and design a website that will be the most convenient and clear for the couriers.

This project, except for the designing experience, gave me the opportunity to learn how to work in a big company, with a lot of demands, needs and design guidelines.


Figma | After Effects | Illustrator | Photoshop